Hsv in the city is an inclusive herpes support group and blog in the DC metro area.

Who or What is HSV in the City

A little info on the HSV in the CIty support group


Everyone deserves to know they are not alone
— Heather

Who or what is HSV in the City?

HSV in the City is a all gender inclusive herpes support group in the DC metro area.

So how does this support group work anyway?

HSV in the City’s support group is going to be in a telecongerence style. There will be two meetings a month. The first meeting of the month is an all-female identifying meeting. While the second is a mixed gender meeting.

What if I want to stay anonymous in the meetings?

No need to worry! With the FREE to use system you get to choose if your camera is on, if anyone can hear you and what name you use. It’s even okay if you don’t want to talk becuase I promise you will still get something out of listening.

Okay I want in on this! Now what do I do?

Sign up for the mailing list and the day of the meeting I will send you the link to the teleconfrence! It’s just that easy!

What does stigma look like to me aka the Instagram post that made me write this article