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How I Keep My Immune System Up and Running.

I know that for a lot of us outbreaks happen when our immune system is compromised. The below is what I personally do/use to keep my immune system up. I will add to this whenever I find something I like better or when I find out what other babes are doing to keep themselves healthy.

Please Note: None of this is sponsored, this is just what I like to use and what works for me.


Lysine- I like the Quantum Health super lysine

  • Why I like it: These are a smooth tablet. I don’t like rough pills

  • Where I get them: Amazon, Whole Foods and Target

Probiotics- I love the Hyperbiotics kids version

  • Why I like them: These are tiny peral shapped pills. I hate the crazy huge probiotic pills. UGH!

  • Where I get them: Whole Foods and Amazon

Nature’s Way Elderberry syrup (the orignal version)

  • Why I like it: This is by far the tastiest elderberry syrup ever.

  • Where I get them: Amazon, Whole Foods

Vitamin D- The Sports Research brand

  • Why I like it: They use coconut oil in their capsule. I have no idea if this actually does anything extra… I just like coconut oil. Plus they are pretty small capsules.

  • Where I get them: Amazon

Activities to keep my stress levels down

  • Coloring/Drawing

  • Hanging out with my cats

  • Watching my fave shows or listening to old books. I find that when I am the most stressed I can’t handle new shows/ movies/ or books,

  • Working out. (Yoga with Adriene on Youtube is my go to for yoga)

  • Free writing in my Journal

  • Having a good cry

May is Mental Heath Awareness month. My Personal Experience with HSV and Mental Health

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