Hsv in the city is an inclusive herpes support group and blog in the DC metro area.

Why does HSV in the City exist, AKA how did I get brave enough to do this?

HSV in the City exists because the DMV needed it to exist. I found out I had HSV2 in 2015 and I couldn’t find a support group anywhere. My therapist couldn’t find one either. What’s worse is the ones I found didn’t seem to be active; no one returned my emails. Eventually, I gave up.

Fast forward to 2017 when I joined Instagram. Which I am so thankful I did because it is where I ended up finding so many herpes advocates and sex-positive accounts. It turns out Instagram is where support was hiding. I loved how out there and supportive these people were. It is because of  @laureenhd  account; I participated in a dating and disclosure herpes article for Bustle, which was super freeing. Instagram was the vehicle that  helped me to connect with so many people and made me feel less alone.

In 2018 I found the @positive.results.atx Instagram page. This woman is a powerhouse, and she runs a fabulous teleconference style support group as well as in person groups in Austin Texas. You all have her to thank for the existence of HSV in the City. Her group helped me become more comfortable with my diagnosis and more open about it in my daily life. It was truly revolutionary to participate in her support group. When I told her how badly I needed something like her group in 2015 she encouraged me to start my own group here in the DMV. I thought about it over and over for months, I thought of all the risks and the rewards. I thought about all my fears and decided those fears weren’t enough for me to not do something so important. So here we are! You are reading the fruits of this emotional labor, and I hope you join me.

If you would like to get in on the HSV in the City support group teleconference style calls, subscribe to my newsletter, and the day of the meetings I will send you the information on how to connect. Please check out the HSV in the City support group info page for more information.


PS. Don’t worry I will create a post with all of the awesome HSV and sex-positive accounts I follow.

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